Charlene Reaveley

Birth: 1980-04-04 Died: 2011-02-19

Visitation Date: 2/25/2011

Visitation Location:Oliveira Funeral Chapel

Service Date: 2/26/2011

Service Time: 1:30:00 PM

Service Location: Haney Presbiterian Church

Service Address: 11858 - 216th St. Maple Ridge, B.C.

Charlene Reaveley | 1980-2011

Charlene Reaveley was born on April 4, 1980, in Dundee, Scotland. Her father, Colin, was thinking of moving the family to New Zealand, but instead opted for Gosport, on the south coast of England, where he got a job with the Ministry of Defence as a hydraulics technician on war ships. Charlene and her mother, Mary, stayed at home.

In 1986, the family made the trip to Vancouver for Expo. “When we got there,” says Colin, “I decided B.C. was going to be our home.” They settled in Canada one year later, and Charlene fit right in at Chalmers Elementary School in North Delta. “She loved sports, playing softball and ringette,” says Colin. “She was a great team player. She just liked being a member of a team, no matter what goal she scored.” Char, as she was known, went on to Pinetree Secondary School after the family moved to Coquitlam. But after her parents divorced, she had a rough time at school. “She went through a rebellious period of a couple of years,” says her father. “I found out that she was out having fun instead of being in class.”

When Char was 17, she met a young man named Dan Reaveley at a house party. “There was this amazing energy about her,” recalls Dan of the girl with the beaming smile. They began dating, and moved into a basement apartment. Within two years, Char was pregnant. Dan jumped into a job in construction, and Char became a baker at a grocery store. In 2000, Kaeden, their first child, was born. Char went on maternity leave, and never looked back: being a mother became her full-time job. “Kaeden changed everything for her,” says Kim Debenedictis, a friend. “Char said to me, if it wasn’t for Danny, or Kaeden, she never knew what she would be, who she would be.” Three more blond and blue-eyed babies followed: Rebecca, Alicia, and Tristan.

In 2004, the year they married, Dan and Charlene bought a house in Port Coquitlam, which friends described as “full of life” and “organized chaos.” At the centre of the home was a big pile of clean, unfolded laundry. “The laundry was non-stop,” says Kim. “Char used to walk around singing ‘the never-ending laundry’ to the tune of The Neverending Story.” Someone asked her recently why she didn’t enlist more help from her brood, and, Kim says, Char replied, “My kids are kids. There will be plenty of time when they are adults to do dishes and laundry.”

Just as Charlene fiercely protected their childhood, she also had a habit of showering them with affection. “There wasn’t a day that went by when she didn’t tell them how beautiful they were, that she loved them,” says Kim. That love extended to other children. Giacomo Debenedictis, Kim’s husband, says, “Whenever she saw a child, she would sit there and play with them. Children were her thing.” Once, on vacation in Mexico with Dan, the pair got into an argument. To clear his head, Dan walked to the other end of the beach. Charlene tried another tactic. “As I walked back,” Dan recalls, “I saw her. She had grabbed a bunch of kids, and they were playing volleyball on the beach.”

At home, Charlene would leave the door open, inviting neighbourhood kids to play in the backyard, or stay for dinner. She’d even muse that if she won the lottery, she’d spend the money on an orphanage in Haiti, and adopt more children. “After four babies, she’d say her boobs were nothing, a set of pancakes,” says Kim. “She’d joke about getting a boob job. But she said she thought about it, and if it costs $5,000 to get a boob job, and $7,000 to adopt a child from Haiti, she’d adopt a child.”
Random acts of kindness could happen anywhere with Char. “She was always very generous,” says Giacomo. “When we were younger, we would go downtown, and if she saw somebody that was struggling, a homeless person, she would stop, and take them to buy food.” Then she’d sit there and talk, learn about the person’s life. “She wanted to give them a little bit of hope.”

On Feb. 19, Dan, Charlene, Giacomo and Kim were on their way home from dinner after midnight. They saw a car accident and stopped to help. “We told Charlene to stay in the car,” says Giacomo. “But good old Char said, ‘I’m coming out to help.’ ” As they stood by the side of the highway, another car slid into them, and killed Charlene. She was 30.




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Rest in Peace

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Date :30 Nov -0001

Tribute :My condolences to Dan and the kids- and all other family members for the loss of a GREAT woman. Charlene was a one of a kind and will never be forgotten. I have not been able to get her off my mind since I found out about this horrible tragedy on Monday. Not a moment goes by that I don't have a tear in my eyes or a thought of her husband and children not having her around. I pray for them to have the strength to survive this loss. Her beautiful smile was contagious and her willingness to help was unmatched. I have not had the heart to pass by the accident site as of yet and God help me when I do. I have three children who all knew Charlene- and my eldest in high school cried for two days straight. Charlene will be missed dearly by all. R.I.P. Charlene. We love you and will ALWAYS remember you.

Jeena Aini

Date :30 Nov -0001

Tribute :I haven't seen Char since grade 10 but we kept in contact on facebook. She messaged me after i had my son last may and said she wanted to get our kids together for a playdate as she had just had her youngest a couple months before my son was born.. we commented on eachothers pics of the kids saying how we were both proud of eachother and how cute eachothers babies were... sadly we never got around to making actual plans to get together! i am now kicking myself that i was 'to busy to make plans for someone i considered a friend' ! Last saturday night i logged onto facebook and read a couple comments saying RIP Charlene... For some reason i instantly knew it was her... she was such a caring person it only makes sence she would pass helping someone she didnt even know. there is not a day that goes by since i found out the horrible news that she hasnt been in my thoughts! i feel deeply for her husband and her beautiful kids but know they will be able to go on with the memories of a wonderful mother and wife! i know Dan will keep her memory alive for his kids! RIP Charlene! i will never forget you!

Keri Harding

Date :30 Nov -0001

Tribute :Charlene was a part of our Port Moody family and her absence will be always be felt. Her warm smile and generous heart touched all those who met her. She will be missed by all of thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Kari Werner

Date :30 Nov -0001

Tribute :Charlene was an angel on earth and is continuing as one in heaven.... your smile and spirit will be missed thoughts and prayers go to Dan- Kaedan- Rebecca and Alicia...may the memories of Charlene be with you forever and may her spirit watch over you....

Reeshma Premji

Date :30 Nov -0001

Tribute :Fond memories of Charlene- whose warm and caring nature made me feel so welcome when I visited in 2005 with her cousin Craig and his wife- Alison. My thoughts are with all Charlene's family and friends.

Irene Jackson

Date :30 Nov -0001

Tribute :

Lance stewart

Date :30 Nov -0001

Tribute :May you Rest in a beautiful Paradise Charlene.. thank you for being a Friend to A.M one of my bestest friends. As allot of people know i have moved up north . and knowing you were there for her couldn't make me feel more comfortable- she talked about you all the time- and those kids adored you.. thank you for filling that spot of an amazing friend that i couldnt be all the time .. R.I.P Char. you'll never be forgotten Sam

Sam Kardosi

Date :30 Nov -0001

Tribute :Words can't describe the sadness I feel for Dan and your 4 beautiful children. I send you my deepest condolences. May Charlene live on in her children.

Brianna Clarkson

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