Creating a Meaningful Tribute on a Budget
  • February 4, 2022
Creating a Meaningful Tribute on a Budget

Our team at Oliveira Funeral Home is proud to help families that come from a diverse range of backgrounds. It does not matter your specific needs or budget because we will work hard to create a memorable and personal tribute. The level of personalization and thought that you bring to your loved one’s farewell is what makes the difference.

Once you have determined your own budget, we will help you stick with it throughout. We are here to help. These ideas can help you personalize a burial service that does not cost a thing, yet they can make a huge impact.

– You can choose to write a poem to be read during service.

– You can ask a close friend to play special music – or even get them to create an original composition if you are musically inclined.

– You can choose a specific dress code and ask your guests to participate in it – ideas can include wearing your loved one’s favourite colour or the jersey for their favourite sports team.

– You can play your loved one’s favourite music.

– You can choose to carry a theme throughout visitation and service which reflects your loved one’s life and interest. You might feature some fishing equipment and paraphernalia or surround the space using cooking utensils and recipes.

– You can design a memory table that showcases specific items representing your loved one’s life, hobbies, and passions.

We understand that your loved one was special and no one on earth is exactly like them. We will be able to partner with you to create a service that is as unique as they were. Something else that could help is to think about the most memorable end-of-life service that you have ever attended. What made it special? These ideas can help you create a service that honors your loved one.

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