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Different styles and types of caskets

There are many different types of caskets that you can purchase for yourself for the future or for a loved one upon their passing. Whether you are looking to be cremated or buried, there are decisions that you need to make. Do you want something simple and modest? Would you like something everlasting and made of metal? Would you like natural materials or to go out in comfort? Here are the different types of caskets and what you should consider purchasing depending on your individual needs.

Metal vs. Wood

The two main difference between caskets are metal and wood. This is the first decision you have to make when selecting a casket. If you are going with a metal casket, then you cannot be cremated. Metal caskets are for burial only.

Metal Caskets

Metal caskets come in a few different materials, usually bronze, copper, or steel. Bronze and copper are both permanently non-rusting materials. They are traditional options because of the fact they will last. Steel is also popular and is rust-resistant but not rust-proof. It is, however, a great value compared to bronze and copper. It is worth noting that a metal casket is not an environmentally friendly option, though it does offer better protection from water, soil weight, and shifting earth.

Wooden Caskets

Wooden caskets come in a wider variety of styles and types. If you are being cremated, then you will need a wooden casket. Wooden caskets can be very modest and environmentally friendly, and can also be ornate and stained a variety of colours with many metal accoutrements.

The most basic type of wooden casket is a woven casket. These can be made out of a mix of wicker and seagrass or out of wicker alone. Handles for pallbearers are also made of these woven fibres. These woven caskets are very environmentally friendly.

Wooden caskets can be much more ornate than this, though. They can come with many more fixtures and features, satin lining and pillows, and beautifully carved exteriors in a variety of shades. A wooden casket does not mean that you have to sacrifice any kind of luxury.

Wooden caskets also come in a variety of woods and stains. Walnut, mahogany, and cherry are the most popular types of wood used for caskets, as they look exquisite when they are polished. These are more expensive woods, though. More affordable woods include poplar, pine, and veneer.


One of the reasons that people select metal caskets is because of their ability to seal. Wooden caskets are simply closed, without a secure seal, and buried or burned depending if you are looking for a burial or a cremation. A metal casket, on the other hand, has a gasket. When the lid of a metal casket it closed there is a rubber gasket that runs along the outside of the casket shell. A sealing key is put into the end of the casket to seal it completely, which keeps the elements out, though it does not slow down natural decomposition.

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