What is the Value in Viewing?

Viewing is an important time because it reinforces the reality of death. It may not be easy to do but that is okay. Viewing allows family and friends to see that their loved one is at rest and free from pain and discomfort. It gives us a peaceful memory to cherish.

Why is Embalming Recommended?

Embalming is important for maintaining the health and safety of the public and the funeral home staff. This procedure ensures the preservation of the body from the time of death until disposition and it allows us to create an acceptable physical appearance of the deceased for the visitation time. Certain regulations exist that makes embalming necessary if the body is to be conveyed by public transportation.

How do I Get an Official Death Certificate?

British Columbia residents applying for an official death certificate must apply through a local Vital Statistics Agency. There is a $27.00 charge for each Death Certificate.

What is a Funeral Director’s Statement of Death?

It is a document supplied by the funeral director that can be used as proof of death in most cases. It contains the name and age of the deceased, the place and date of death, and the name and address of the funeral service provider. It does not include the cause of death.

Are You Competitively Priced?

At Oliveira Funeral Services Ltd. We dedicate ourselves to serving families well. This not only means we strive to assist them in putting together services that will be meaningful to them, but it also means we strive to do so in such a way as to make things affordable and value-added. When someone you love passes away, you don’t want to have to worry about whether or not you are getting the best price. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our fee and those of our competitors. We honor all Memorial Society Contracts.

How do You Make funeral Preplanning?

It is not a complicated task. Simply call our office and make an appointment or come by for a tour and a cup of coffee. There are no fees for preplanning consultation. We provide price quotations on all our products and services without cost or obligation. Preplanning can be made at our Funeral Home or in the privacy of your own home. Your wishes will be recorded in writing and retained on file until needed.

Who Preplans a Funeral?

People of all ages. Family members or an executor who is responsible for the care of someone in a nursing home or extended care facility. Family members who are caring for someone terminally ill. Anyone can consider preplanning.

What are the Advantages of Making Prearrangements?

Peace of mind and the assurance that your wishes are recorded. Preplanning provides an opportunity to ask questions and to get clear and concise answers on all aspects of the funeral. Personal choices can be considered and economic decisions made without emotional stress and relieves family members of difficult choices at time of death. Preplanning is a practical idea that makes sense. Funeral preplanning is every bit apart of sensible estate planning as Making a will is or signing a personal directive.

Can a Preplan Funeral be Prepaid?

Yes, it’s your choice. Based on the last five decades, we know the cost of cemetery and funeral arrangements will continue to increase. Prepaying allows the costs to be frozen at today’s prices. Payment can be made in installments. You can also Pre-plan without payment.

If I Choose to Pre-pay My Funera,l What Prepayment Options Do I Have?

With a Pre-Need Funeral Trust Plan, payments can be made by a single payment or up to 5-year installments (with interest-free Payments). The funeral home must deposit your funds in trust. The accrued interest growth is applied to any cost increase when the services are required.

What Happens When a Death Occurs at Home?

If the death occurs unexpectedly or suddenly, the family should immediately contact the local police and inform them. The Coroner’s Office will be notified by the police and a Coroner will come to the place of the death to investigate the death. The deceased will then be transported to the nearest hospital for further investigation. After their investigation has been completed, the deceased will be released into the care of the funeral home selected by the family. If the death has been anticipated and the deceased was under a physician’s care, it is not necessary to contact the police. The family should advise the attending physician of the death and have the doctor complete a medical certificate of death. The family can also contact a funeral home of their choice to arrange for the transport of the deceased to the funeral home. The funeral home staff will then proceed to the residence and transfer the body to the funeral home without delay.

What Happens When a Death Occurs in a Care Facility?

If an anticipated death occurs in a care facility, the attending physician will be notified and asked to complete the medical certificate of death. After the physician has signed the medical certificate, the care facility will notify the selected funeral home and they will come promptly to the deceased’s room at the care facility and transport the deceased to the funeral home. The family will have many options to consider following the death of their loved one so it is wise to consult a funeral director and determine the needs and wishes of the family. Consultation with a funeral director before the time of death will provide the family with information that can ease some of the burdens faced when a death occurs. It also allows the family to supply the care facility with the name of the desired service provider so that the hospital can contact the funeral home as soon as possible following the death.

What Happens When a Death Occurs While Away From Home?

When a death occurs away from home, it is preferable to contact a funeral home in the area where you wish to have the funeral service and interment. It will be more cost-effective if the funeral home deals directly with a funeral firm in the place of death, rather than the family making the arrangements. After contact with the family, the funeral provider can then proceed to the place of death, if it is within a reasonable distance, or they can arrange for a local funeral firm to complete the necessary preparations to have the deceased returned home. Once the family returns to their home, the remainder of the funeral arrangements can then be made with the funeral service provider.

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