Funeral Etiquette: What to Do and What Not to Do
  • February 4, 2022
Funeral Etiquette: What to Do and What Not to Do

Having an understanding of what to do and say at a funeral service can be a tricky and sometimes awkward subject. Above everything, it is important to remember that the grieving family’s needs should come first. The service is an opportunity to show how important their loved one was to them and to help them express their love and appreciation for their loved one’s life.

We understand that attending a funeral service can be an important way to show your support during difficult times. This is a hugely pivotal and intimate occasion, and you probably feel a lot of pressure to get things right. These are some etiquette tips that you can follow to help you:

Always Be Punctual
Will there be visitation before the funeral, or maybe it takes place the night before? Be sure you know these details well. Depending on the visitation, try and arrive there 15 minutes before the service is scheduled to start. Coming in late could cause an unwelcome distraction and disrupt the service. Once you enter the building, be sure that you silence or turn off your phone.

Never Sit In The Wrong Place
The first few rows of the service are usually reserved for the immediate family members. So, it is best for you to take a seat in the middle or the back unless otherwise stated. If the gathering is on the small side and more intimate, then the family could want guests to sit closer to the front.

Express Your Condolences
When you see family members, you should express your condolences, and you can also choose to share a reason why their loved ones mattered to you or how they impacted your life in a meaningful way. If appropriate, you can talk about any pleasant memories or stories you might have about them that stuck with you. Depending on your relationship with the family, you can offer a hug or handshake.

Don’t Try To Be Perfect
Sometimes, there can be no words that adequately explain the sorrow you feel. If this is the case, then just focus on sharing your sympathy and how much you cared for their loved one.

Always Listen To Directions From Funeral Home Staff Members
Sometimes a funeral will be followed by a procession to the final resting place. If you are invited to be a part of the burial ceremony, then you should pay attention to the staff members’ guidance and direction and follow them in an orderly manner.

Do Not Pressure Anyone For Details
Funerals are not the appropriate time to ask some detailed questions about the death or the circumstances of what those left behind will face. It is best to just show your support when you attend one.

The funeral service is the beginning of the healing process for the family, and your attendance is important, however, there are other ways you can show your love and support too.

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