Main Roles & Responsibilities Of A Funeral Director
  • August 29, 2018
Main Roles & Responsibilities Of A Funeral Director

The grieving process is difficult to navigate, especially when it is up to you to make funeral arrangements. While sometimes funeral arrangements have been made, other times it is up to you to plan and make decisions. Someone who can help you with this process is a funeral director. Funeral directors provide a variety of services that extends far past the execution of the funeral and organizing some flowers. They help with the legal process and can help get you through the funeral and host an event that reflects your loved one and is a beautiful remembrance of them. Here are some of the things that the funeral directors at Oliveira Funeral Home do for their clients.

There For You

Funeral directors have a lot of experience helping grieving families and know how to offer appropriate comfort and counsel. They are supportive and are there to help you host a funeral that will give family, friends, and loved ones the opportunity to grieve.

Administrative Tasks

Funeral directors are administrators. They have many tasks that they need to perform to keep their funeral homes running smoothly. They meet with individuals, couples, and families to pre-arrange funerals. They handle the financial records and accounts of their funeral home. They make orders for all merchandise as well as things such as coffee, tea, mints, and tissues that need to be restocked. They also need to keep a meticulous schedule, ensuring that various funerals, burials, and cremations happen when they need to happen. The most critical administrative task they perform though is the administration of legal documents such as death certificates and burial permits.

Planning the Day

The job that funeral directors are named for is the planning of the actual funeral. Through consultation with the family or friends of the deceased as well as pre-arranged plans, the funeral director can plan out the day. They help you decide on caskets, urns, obituaries, flowers, and the arrangements for the service. They also are in charge of your loved one’s remains, including embalming, makeup, and dressing them for viewing, burial, or cremation. A funeral director is also who is in charge of shipping bodies for buries that need to happen elsewhere.

On the Day

The funeral director will set up the room the service will be held in, including any items that are brought in by you or delivered on behalf of others (such as flowers). They also arrange the pallbearers and make sure that anyone who has any duties knows of them and that these get done. They direct people to the correct rooms, to the chapel for service, and then they close the casket and lead the funeral corteges to the burial site wherever it may be.

Funeral directors do more than one may think, and their primary goal is always to help families and friends remember their loved ones in a respectful fashion that helps with the grieving process. They are skilled professionals and want to help alleviate as many stressors as possible so that you can have the opportunity to mourn peacefully. Oliveira Funeral Home is here for you and your family. Whether you need to pre-arrange services or you have recently lost a loved one we invite you to come and visit us. We will help you throughout the process and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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