Death Benefits

Death Benefits are payable to the arried partners, and common-law partners (including same-gender partners) who have lived together for at least 2 continuous years and/or dependants of anyone covered by Basic Autoplan who is killed in a motor vehicle crash.
Benefit levels vary according to the position the deceased held in the household, as well as the number of surviving dependants.

For example, if the main wage-earner in the household dies, the death benefit will be higher than if the secondary earner dies.

Death benefits for deceased children are paid in a lump sum. Benefits for the loss of an adult are generally paid out in an initial payment combined with weekly payments for up to 104 weeks. Payments to minor children who have lost a parent are made to the Public Guardian and Trustee.

Funeral expenses

If an insured person is killed in a motor vehicle crash, Basic Autoplan will reimburse burial and funeral expenses of up to $2,500.

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