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Additional Funeral Services

Additional Services

  • 1. Traditional Ship-out

    allows you to select the type of services and merchandise for local arrangements and then the human remains are shipped out of town for final services.

  • 2. Limited Family Viewing with Shipment

    is designed for those who want a private family viewing, but no other visitation prior to shipment of the casketed human remains. Itemized options are also available to the family.

  • 3. Ship-in Services

    are those human remains transferred from out of town to Vancouver for final services. Itemized options are available.

  • 4. Direct Ship-out

    no local service and the human remains are to be shipped to a funeral home out of town.

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  • Funeral Arrangement

    We will help guide you through all questions and concerns you have during the funeral process, to make things as easy on you and your family as possible.

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