Creating Meaningful Funerals

Funerals traditionally involve a visitation period at the funeral home, a service either in a church or our chapel and a committal service. However, funerals do not have any restrictions and Oliveira Funeral Home is able to provide the flexibility to accommodate your needs in order to create a service that will be meaningful to you. We believe that funerals should reflect the life lived and meet the needs of those left behind. Experience has taught us that making the funeral service as meaningful as possible are beneficial not only for surviving family members, but also for those who are in attendance. A well planned funeral will assist mourners in dealing with their grief, provide opportunity for Involvement and create an enduring memory.

The traditional funeral
Basic cremation
Graveside Service
Transfer worldwide
Memorial Services
Religious or secular/humanistic
Church funerals

Diplomatic Services in creating a meaningful service the following questions can be represented by the use of symbolism, music selections and personal tributes by family members and friends.

Favorite music? (Compact disk, cassette, organ, piano, solo, piper, etc.)

Favorite scripture? (Readings by clergy, family or friends)

Favorite hobbies? (Display golf clubs, fishing rods, hockey sticks, etc.)

Religious affiliations? (Display denominational crest or flag)

Fraternal affiliations? (Crests or memorabilia)

Military career? (Display medals, cap and flag)

Eulogy? (By family members or close friend)

Oliveira Funeral Home is dedicated to providing meaningful service to all faiths and beliefs. Services can be traditional or contemporary and can be tailored to meet the needs of all family members and friends. Our facility is fully air conditioned and the sound system can be utilized for personalized musical tributes. Charges for services are itemized and thoroughly explained and no hidden costs. (see our price list)

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