What You Should Expect from a Reputable Funeral Home
  • August 29, 2018
What You Should Expect from a Reputable Funeral Home

The death of a family member is devastating. Looking for the right burial premises or cremation facilities in a funeral home is even more unbearable at this time. A good funeral home understands your sentiments and does its best to make the last ritual of saying goodbye to your loved one a bit easier. They offer services that treat both the customer and the departed with sensitiveness and respect, but not everyone takes such care. Although this may be the last thing on your mind right now, it helps to know who to turn to when the time comes. You also need to know what to expect.

Oliveira Funeral Home, long known for premium and compassionate funeral services, tells you what to look for.

Check Facilities

Sometimes the front of the funeral house is warm and welcoming but you never know what’s happening inside. Request for a tour around the premises to see if interiors are as organized as the front entrance. If the owners hesitate, watch out! This home may be one to avoid in the future.

Check Out Websites

Most recognized funeral homes will have a website like every business does these days. Browse through the listings on Facebook or Yelp. Look through the reviews. Many take you on a virtual tour of the interiors. From the reception to the chapel, coat racks to the visitation room, you can get a good look at their standards. The more credible information the website gives with accompanying pictures, the more dependable they usually are.

Support Services

Established funeral homes offer many services to offer ongoing support to those in need. Some provide bereavement centres led by professionals specialized in traumatic bereavement to deal with different unbearable losses such as loss of a parent, a spouse or a child. There are memorial services held by a team of dedicated professions at sensitively priced rates. Many homes are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Length of Business

Inquiring about the business establishment is a good way to gain trust. Find out how long they have been operating, how recognized they are in the community or city. There is no guarantee that old homes are better than new ones. New homes may have better transportation and services for different cultures such as cremation.

Oliveira Funeral Home, Port Coquitlam, Greater Vancouver

Oliveira Funeral Home has been providing the community with professional and compassionate funeral services for many years. We understand that the grief of dealing with the demise of a loved one comes from what the relationship brought to their life that is now lost, leaving a huge vacuum.

We understand that the grief of losing a parent is different from the loss of a friend or a child. Our services are customized to help you honour the departed with compassion and help you deal with the irreparable loss with ongoing support services so that you finally find your peace and the proceed with a quality life.

We offer burials, cremation, obituaries, flower delivery, helping with pre-planning, custom 3D urns, crystal tributes and more. We make special effort to be involved with groups and service organizations that improve the quality of life for all those in Port Coquitlam. Call us to take a tour and learn how we serve all families irrespective of ethnic backgrounds, religious preferences or financial circumstances.

Get In Touch

Oliveira Funeral Home  is family-owned and operated. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you or your family. We are available 24 hours / 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.